Solo Winter Survival Pack Out | Clothing, Equipment and Snowmobile Setup

Solo Winter Survival Pack Out | Clothing, Equipment and Snowmobile Setup

-31 degrees and living large in the wilderness of Northern Ontario. I’ve been asked about the clothing that I wear and the gear that I use when heading out into this dynamic landscape in the depths of winter, so in this video I go into great detail on my complete snowmobile setup, as well as the clothing choices I make. As my travels take me into the Canadian Wilderness, where help is not around the corner, it’s important to have a self supported system in place that gives me the confidence to handle any situation that may arise.

I start with going through my choice of snowmobile and how I’ve customized it. From my rifle and chainsaw mounts, to the winch system, ice anchors and even down to my GPS and helmet choice, I go through everything item by item.

Next, I discuss my entire clothing system that I wear while on the lakes and trails that allows me to explore in temperatures below -40. From socks to thermal underwear to my outer layers, I’ve found that the system described here allows me to regulate for temperature and wind and continues to provide comfort.

I also detail the items I carry in my “snowmobile” pack, essentially my “life support” system that includes everything I’d need in the case of a break down, going into the water or simply having to spend a night or two in the wilderness.

This is one of the most remote and unforgiving landscapes in Ontario, Canada, yet, one of stunning beauty and the winter months offer an opportunity to explore areas up close that I wouldn’t be able to at any other time of the year. Over the years and through experience, I’ve fine tuned this system to what it is today. While this may not be the perfect system for everyone or for every trip style or situation, it’s what I’ve found works best for me.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I’m always open to new ideas that will make this ever evolving system better and more efficient. Enjoy everyone!

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Chainsaw mount:

Gun mount:

Axe Mate:

Ski skins for floatation:





Thermal underwear:

Mittens # 1:

Mittens # 2:

Wool pants:

Outer Layer Pants:

Wool Anorak:

Awesome Fur Hat:





Bivy Shelter:


Satellite Phone:

Water Bottle Parka:

Stainless Pot:

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