Survival Kit In A Can: Omega Survival Supply Personal Survial Kit

Survival Kit In A Can: Omega Survival Supply Personal Survial Kit

There are quite a few pre-made survival kits out there – some are junk, some are well-made. Omega Survival Supply is getting their hat in the ring with their 3 Days In A Can Personal Survival Kit at cost of $19.95.

Here’s the link:

It’s a sealed metal can with a lot of your basics for a survival outting, and here’s the list:
– 1,000 calories in emergency food bars — they’re quite good…similar to a dry Christmas cookie.
– 14-function swiss style camp knife including signal mirror, LED flashlight, scissors, 2.5″ blade, 1.5″ blade, leather punch, can opener, bottle opener, small and medium flat head screwdrivers, button compass, leather threader, corkscrew, file, mini phillips driver/pick.
– 3 potable water tablets for making 3 safe-to-drink quarts of water for hydration.
– 1 emergency blanket for applying to a hypothermic person, or to keep yourself from becoming wet or cold.
– 3 storm-proof, ultimate matches
– 3 standard, water-proof matches.
– Strike paper
– 4 fire starting cubes.
– 3 bandaids
– 1 anti-biotic ointment
– 2 sterile “pop-up” hand towels
– 1 tampon (for normal or multi-use)
– 1 survival fishing kit with bobber, 7 hooks, 30′ of 8 lbs. test line, 4 artificial lures, 4 sinkers.
– 1 plastic lid
– 1 aluminum can/cup.

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