Survival knife and survival kit

Survival knife and survival kit

My survival knife and survival kit. I have an Esee 6 blade and an Esee Candiru + firesteel piggyback on the sheath with paracord/firecord. There is a fishing kit, first aid kit and a fire starting kit. Compass, magnifying glass, can opener, fishing hooks, nylon line, braided line, sinkers, fishing lure, tin can, wires, two whistles, toothpicks, tweezers, water purification pills, painkillers, bandages, reflectors, matches, cotton swabs, waxed papers and a slingshot all in one. I also show a good jet lighter, superglue and a Gerber multitool. So enjoy!!!

Who am I??
I am a knifethrower, tomahawkthrower and now also a slingshot shooter! But I identify as a soulthrower due to the fact that knife throwing and tomahawk throwing is good for my soul. I throw knives no spin, rotational and military halfspin. When you want to learn knifethrowing and/or tomahawk throwing you should do your research and look at many knifethrowing and tomahawkthrowing enthusiasts and re-search different throwing knives. One throwing knife can look good but doesn’t always fit you and/or your style of throwing. Try different knives and styles until you find your own way.

The most important thing about how to throw knives or a knife or how to throw a tomahawk is to do more of what ever works for you!

Now go throw and be a legend! ??

Your throwing brother!
Marcus Pehart
“The Soulthrower”


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