Survival Medical Kits-Long Term Storage First Aid Kits

Survival Medical Kits-Long Term Storage First Aid Kits

In this video I look at two med kits from I look at the On the Move Kit and the Backcountry light. One thing that I had never thought of was the shelf life of your med kits. We think about food and water storage, but what about first aid supplies? Survival Medical provides a 20+ year shelf life on all of their sealed kits! Perfect for your bug out bag and home emergency supply storage. Check out their products below.

On the Move Kit
On The Move Kit

This kit is designed as your go to kit for getting from point A to point B. Ideal for carry in your 72 hour kit, Bug out bag, Get out of dodge bag, as well as your work truck or minivan! We took the best of all of our kits and condensed it into a lightweight, compact kit. As always only the top of the line components are used in our kits. The same products used by first responders and hospitals, no knock off brand products will be found here!

And, it will come packaged for long term storage so when the day comes you need it, it will be ready to use.

Backcountry Ultralight Kit

Introducing the BACKCOUNTRY ULTRALIGHT KIT! 4.8 ounces of pure first aid awesomeness. This extremely lightweight and compact kit is for you wanderers that are traveling light and exploring the edges and boundaries of the backwoods. Few products are cut out for the wilds you explore, and only the best gear will make the cut and into your pack. You won’t hardly believe all of the high quality first aid supplies we’ve magically packed inside this tiny kit, but when you need it you’ll be glad its there.