Survival Skills: Firemaking in Snow, Part 4

Survival Skills:  Firemaking in Snow, Part 4

PART 4 of 5:
A complete series of videos by Nutnfancy and my friend chronicling firemaking in cold and snowy conditions using backpacking equipment only. The series shows the scenery, adventure, survival philosophy, gear observations, our standard joking around, and the good times with long time friend BuggetNuster (YouTube name) and Allie the Mountain Dog. We hiked into the snowy and cold Rocky Mountain bivouac location I had chosen earlier for my Wilderness Lean-To series of videos. A few shelter mods are discussed and shown but the focus of these vids is the making of the fire. I used few edits in the video making because I needed to demonstrate the work needed to create a sustainable fire in these conditions. I have found no shortcuts in the wood preparation for wilderness fire making. Several blades including the Ontario RTAK II, Ontario RAT-7, and KaBar Heavy Bowie are used to strip limbs and baton the logs into burnable pieces with the advantageous sharp edges. They performed exceptionally well in the outing and withstood some real tough use in 15ºF cold (shown of course!). The Sawvivor backpack saw again proved its worth as an accurate and indispensable wood cutter, lubricated with frequent sprays of WD-40. Fire tender used this time was Trioxane solid fuel cake and REI Stormproof matches. The resulting fire was quite manly and heated the Lean-To to incredible levels. We had planned to also build a fire reflector and maybe some other structures but as usual the winter fire prep proved to be quite time consuming and high effort. And we wanted to kick back and enjoy our work afterwards. The outing and fire prep was lots of work but resulted in another great memory made with TNP subscribers and my buddies, BuggetNuster and Allie. Thanks for coming along!///////////////// Please Note: Generally you will have to have an interest in survival blades, skills, outdoor gear, and maybe learning more about them to find these videos interesting. They intentionally show a lot of detail of the fire process (with lots of discussion thrown in) so as to completely teach and prove the Nutnfancy winter firemaking method. In this respect they function as TNP Foundation videos (I will refer to them a lot).