Test your survival skills and logic with these tricky riddles and hard choices with answers! If you have an average IQ, you can crack at least half of these riddles, so don’t waste your time and get ready to start. Solving difficult brain games helps improve your logical skills and boosts your brain activity! Spend some time working out your brain, and you’ll be impressed by the results!

00:14 – A blood-freezing survival riddle with a difficult choice! Which door should Mary choose to stay safe?
01:17 – A tricky riddle making you face the most difficult choice in your life! Sometimes we have to sacrifice something really precious to save more important things (or people). What would be your choice? A mind-blowing riddle with an answer to test how quickly you can make decisions!
02:28 – Sometimes one simple question may save your life, especially when you’re in the forest alone with a suspicious stranger. You have to be a real quick-thinker and smart enough to come up with this only possible question in a short time (then you might probably be eaten). So, go pull yourself together and turn your brain full power on, your time is starting now! A hard riddle with an answer to boost your brain and logic skills!
04:18 – This short quiz and general knowledge test will check your survival instincts and ability to think rationally in a dangerous situation.
05:36 – You’re facing a hard choice that can save your life or ruin you, what door would you choose? Don’t panic, but neither hang around too long as the clock is already ticking for you. A hard riddle with an answer to test your reaction and logical thinking!
06:47 – A tricky survival riddle to test your logical thinking and common sense. You will have to find the only way out and do it quickly until you ran out of oxygen! Come on, turn on your brain, I know you will find the tunnel leading outside. A riddle with an answer to make you stretch your brain!
07:51 – A tricky riddle to test your logic and survival skills on hard mode! Only quick-thinkers will find the solution and finally survive. But all the others also have a chance, because it’s a riddle with an answer revealed at the end of the video. So if you ever fall in such a situation (I hope you never do), you will know what to do!
09:14 – Are you good at collecting pieces of evidence and testing the fact? You’ll have a chance to prove it right now as we have a super hard riddle for you! This mysterious crime riddle seems impossible to solve, but I know that there is no such word as ‘impossible’ for your brilliant mind!? There are three girls looking very innocent, but you’re sure one of them is the kidnapper. How would you identify the criminal for sure?
11:02 – A mysterious riddle that will make your brain burst and your blood freeze! My strong suspicion is that Harry isn’t just dreaming and all this happens to him in real life. This means he is in great danger with the only slight chance to survive. How can he be sure he picks the right one? This will challenge your brain 100% when you try to figure out the way he can identify the safe candy. Remember there is no room for error or Harry will stay in the King’s cave forever. Would you solve this riddle before the time is over?
12:17 – A thrilling story making you face a hard choice to escape from prison and save your life. This riddle requires all your logic and power of observation because the cost of a mistake is so high. So, focus your mind on the four doors: there must be a clue! Only the smartest one will escape this deadly trap, will you? A hard crime riddle with an answer to test your logic and survival skills!
13:37 – Which way is safe?! What would you choose? Share your answers to this survival puzzle in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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