The American Trans Survival Guide #4: Bathrooms And How To Stay Safe In Them

The American Trans Survival Guide #4: Bathrooms And How To Stay Safe In Them

NOT A GIRL. I’M NON-BINARY. They/them pronouns. (Amended Nov 2018)

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Some of these tips may sound overly specific or extraneous to some of you cis folk or non-transwomen out there, but being a transwoman in today’s world is a struggle that can never have too much caution. Like I say in the video, it’s unfortunate that we have to take this approach to safety. As our society grows and changes and becomes more tolerant, we will have to worry less and less about this, but now with the federal guidance for bathrooms and locker rooms in schools being repealed and transphobic bathroom bills still in place, it’s as dangerous as ever to be trans and in the women’s restroom.

14% of trans people have been assaulted or harassed while using a public restroom in the past year*, 32% of trans people avoid eating and drinking so that they won’t have to use the public restroom*, and 8% of trans people have kidney problems from holding it too long*. A lot of trans people tend to use avoidance as their dominant strategy but I can’t advocate that with a clear head, especially considering that most American transwomen who take hormones take spironolactone–a powerful diuretic. We have to pee, and there are ways to do it more safely.

*U.S. 2015 Transgender Survey

0:00 Introduction
0:40 General Tips – Get In, Get Out
0:55 General Tips – Wait And Listen
1:30 “Passing”
2:05 Transwomen – Bring Your Friends
2:30 Transwomen – Peeing
3:00 Transwomen – Timing The Tuck (this doesn’t work with tape)
3:40 Nonbinary – Refuge Restrooms
4:10 Cis People – Bring Your (Trans) Friends
4:20 Cis People – Intervene In Harassment
4:55 Cis People – Speak Up!
5:35 Conclusion

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