The Patoo: Best Minimalist Gear Carry

The Patoo: Best Minimalist Gear Carry

In this video, The Patoo: Best Minimalist Gear Carry EVER – I demonstrate the two most popular styles of carrying a persons equipment in the back country utilizing a Patoo. I also provide a bit of history and some specifics about the Patoo. I have been using Patoos for single day and multi-day adventures for nearly 11 years and recommend purchasing one today for your next adventure! Simple and easy to use, a Patoo gives a person freedom of movement and forces smart back country packing.

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The Patoo hails from the mountains of the Hindu Kush, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Simply put it is a shawl made of 100% wool, a synthetic material or a mixture of synthetic and wool. Shawls or a Patoo in this case is used by many cultures all around the world.

Get you Patoo at the following link!


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