Think Beyond the Gun: Tactical Medical Solutions (Personal First Aid and Blowout Kits)

Think Beyond the Gun: Tactical Medical Solutions (Personal First Aid and Blowout Kits)

Continuing in the vein of my developing personal philosophy of training, gun-fighting, and personal preparedness, this video will focus on blowout kits. THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR INSTRUCTION, it is only for entertainment and general information about the different options available for personal injury first aid equipment for a tactical situation. You are responsible for your own training by qualified medical personnel. Even knowing the intended use of this equipment does not qualify you to perform any procedure. Please use caution when operating firearms, and adhere to all safety procedures.

The three kits examined in this video are the EPIK from AR500Armor, the Tallboy ETA Advanced Trauma kit from ITS Tactical, and the Personal + Blowout kit from the Tactical Weapons Training Group (TWTG)/PM Security Services (PMSS). Prices range from $110 to $250.

AR500Armor Tactical EPIK:
ITS Tactical Tallboy:
TWTG/PMSS Personal Blowout Kit: available by emailing the TWTG/PMSS contacts here… (I was told these will eventually be available for purchase online – they were just released in December 2015).

NOTE: I paid for ALL three of these kits myself. Nothing was given to me for the purposes of this video. No kickbacks, discounts, or anything that would cause bias. It is simply my opinion that the TWTG kit is the most inclusive and best value (quality vs. cost) of the kits I own. Just to understand cost breakdown, I believe two essentials should be in every tac-med kit: medical shears/scissors and a CAT/SOF-T tourniquet. Both of these are options with the ITS Tactical kit to the tune of an additional $50 on top of the $180 Tallboy bag and medical equipment. The SOF-T is an option with the AR500Armor EPIK for an additional $20. Both the shears and a CAT are included standard in the TWTG P+B kit (the brand of CAT used in this kit is North American Rescue, made in the USA – it’s a legit CAT, not a clone or fake).

HINT: a CAT tourniquet has a plastic windlass, the SOF-T tourniquet has a metal one. Both lock into a plastic windlass stop. That’s the only real difference between the two. Application is virtually identical.

The key is to get trained in tactical medicine however you can. My wife and I are getting this training at the end of January 2016. We won’t be certified as medical personnel, but we will be trained on how to use these kits in the event of a severe trauma injury caused by a gunshot. This is training everyone who owns a firearm should seek out and take.