This Is How The Next World Conflict Will Start

This Is How The Next World Conflict Will Start

How the next world Conflict (World Conflict III) will start can be anyone’s guess. But it could be that you are sitting on a day like today, enjoying the relative peacefulness of the world around you when you hear that the global markets are crashing. The ensuing events send panic through the streets as average citizens panic in a rush to the store in order to purchase last minute provisions that they should have purchased far in advance.

The police attempt to retain civility in the street but the sheer numbers of panicked citizens quickly overwhelm the manageable numbers as authorities retreat to protect points of critical infrastructure.

Right now China is threatening western stability by carrying the economic backs of western enemies. This threatens the US economy and the USD as a whole and could be the very trigger that leads to the next world war.

What we do know, is that the next war will likely be led by an economic collapse – one like the collapse that we’re beginning to see the signs of today.

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