Tops CUB Survival Knife Option for Kids (Compact Utility Blade)

Tops CUB Survival Knife Option for Kids (Compact Utility Blade)

Today we take a look at the Tops C.U.B. (Compact Utility Blade) as an option for a Kids Survival Knife. The C.U.B was designed by Reuben Bolieu as a compact sidekick blade to a tomahawk or axe. The general utility of the knife allows it to be used for camp craft and food preparation while leaving heavier work to other tools designed for chopping. The blade is designed to be compact and as such the blade length is only 3.75” with a total length of 8”. The blade is a 1095 high carbon alloy with a hunters point and bead biast finish. Handle material on this knife is a tan canvas micarta and the knife also comes with a ballistic nylon sheath that is molle compatible.

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