TORNADOES OF 2015 – Storm Chasing Madness in May

TORNADOES OF 2015 – Storm Chasing Madness in May

Short documentary featuring several tornado outbreaks in May 2015. More tornadoes touchdown in May than in any other month. This May in the US, tornadoes were reported on 28 days out of the month. Along side the tornadoes was gorgeous lightning, torrential flooding, and powerful straight line winds all cast out of mega storms on a daily basis. If you live anywhere near Tornado Alley you pay extra attention to the weather in May. If you’re a storm chaser, you chase! In 2015 i witnessed 20 tornadoes in May. This documentary features those tornadoes as well as behind the scenes peeks of what it’s like for a chaser living on the road during this maelstrom of a month.
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May 6th began with multiple funnel clouds slithering in the sky and I was able to capture five tornado touchdowns on video. The main event was a 1.3 mile wide EF3 heading towards Oklahoma City Metro. This tornado effected Bridge Creek destroying several houses. Just prior to entering a more heavily populated area the large tornado suddenly vanished but several other smaller tornadoes would touchdown, some in Oklahoma City including another EF3 tornado later that night. In all, 65 tornadoes were reported throughout Tornado Alley on May 6th. Astonishingly there were no fatalities.

The first funnel cloud footage in this video was recorded around 5:38 near Bryson Texas. The main event tornado would touchdown west of Denton Texas and track northeast to near Sanger Texas. This tornado would cause minimal damage earning an EF1 rating. On several occasions the condensation funnel lifted off the ground and dropped again giving the impression that there were many tornadoes however one tornado cyclone was present and weak EF0 winds were noted under the base the entire track from wedge tornado to its rope phase.

A storm went tornado warned west of Guthrie Texas around 3:43 PM. 20 minutes later I would intercept the outflow dominant supercell and remain with it throughout several uneventful hours. Around 6:40PM the high precipitation supercell storm would interact with a smaller storm and threaten the town of Throckmorton Texas with a tornado warning. A fat hook echo and radar couplet suggested a tornado was on the ground and a large bulge of condensation lowered to the ground where a tornado would have developed, however i had a pretty good view of these features and could not confirm it was an actual tornado.

MAY 9, 2015 KANSAS
After blue skies all day, my target area finally started producing thunderstorms to my north at sunset. Tornado warnings were issued and when I arrived at the scene a long beautiful tornado was already in progress. Wet, soupy back roads prevented me from making any real ground on this tornado. This would be the theme of the evening until I finally got stuck in the mud. Tornadoes were dropping everywhere it seemed from at least two alternating mesocyclones under this supercell and within one hour I was able to discern 7 separate tornado touchdowns. The next couple hours lacked the lightning and roads to make clear observations but there was a tornado tracking on and off for many miles. Every now and then I’d see a tornado but because of the poor visibility I’m lumping them all into one. At least 8 solid tornadoes were intercepted on a night that Dick McGowan would call a tornado-palooza. Several other tornadoes touched down throughout the Plains and 1 fatality was reported in Texas.

Another day of multiple tornadoes. The first of the 3 tornadoes I witnessed would tear the roof off a school with 100 people sheltering inside. No injuries or fatalities were reported with these tornadoes. This outbreak would stretch down south into Arkansas were 2 tornado related deaths would occur and another 2 fatalities in Texas.

In the five day tornado outbreak between May 6 and May 10, 2015 I was able to witness and confirm 17 tornadoes and several large funnel clouds that might have been tornadoes. None of the tornadoes I witnessed would kill anybody and I only witnessed 1 house with Ef2 damage. This made for a very fun and light-hearted chase week hence the goofiness in this video.
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