Trading VanLife for sleeping in a Snow Cave! Did not go as planned.

Trading VanLife for sleeping in a Snow Cave! Did not go as planned.

In this video I say goodbye to van life and try to survive in the worlds sketchiest snow cave.
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While digging the snow cave Alex Stohl was shooting material for his adventure pro photography workshop. If you want to up your game as a photographer I strongly suggest checking it out!
Thanks for having me on the snow cave adventure Alex!

The Gear I was using in this video is as follows:

My Camera Bag is the Action x 30 From Shimoda:

I was using their Medium Accessory Case:
SD Card Wallet
and accessory Straps

Camping Stove:
Stanley Adventure Pot:

Transfer 3 Shovel:
Backcountry Tracker 3 Beacon:
Backcountry Probe:

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The gear I shot with…
My Drone:
My Main Camera:

The Lens I use most:
The magic tele-photo Lens:

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The vlog camera I use sometimes:

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