Traditional Bow hunting Hogs and Fishing with Hayes boys

Traditional Bow hunting Hogs and Fishing with Hayes boys

For my kids, traditional archery and bowhunting are as normal as a soccer game for most kids. It’s a lifestyle they’ve been immersed in since birth. Although they’ve both been shooting a primitive bow sense before they could walk, this is Fen’s first time afield hunting for himself.

This week we’re hog hunting with longbow and recurve in the swamplands of southern Georgia. Catching snakes, exploring hollowed trees, and setting bush hooks for catfish are just a few of the other adventures we get into over the weekend.

Some people question the wisdom of exposing young children to hunting. They claim it teaches them to be violent. I’d make the exact opposite argument. A child that understands nature will understand that life and death are connected; that there cannot be one without the other. And they will understand that there is no reset button in the game of life. They also are vastly more knowledgeable about plants, animals, and the natural world than kids that do not hunt. There are countless lessons to be learned while wandering the woods. Learning wild edible plants, how to identify snakes, and wildlife are just a few of the fun things to do with kids in the outdoors.

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