ULTIMATE bag for backpacking and wilderness survival

ULTIMATE bag for backpacking and wilderness survival

The best emergency gear you can have is gear that you actually use on a regular basis. Practice is better than hoarding. This video outlines some of the basics of the gear I take backpacking. There are a lot of items that are too heavy for backpacking but are alright for a bag to throw in the car for long term survival. For a list of some of the items listed in the video and more check out the following list. Let me know what your favorite piece of gear is in the comments below!

Current pack inventory with a * by my favorite items.
*USMC MARPAT ILBE Main Pack Gen. 2 with Lid, Belt, Straps, Radio Pouch (amazon 65 dollars for good condition used) 120lb capacity.

Water: *Berkey sports bottle with filter, *Lifestraw, camelback with carry case, extra bottle, sawyer mini water filter.

Fire: Assortment of lighters, bear grylls fire starter on knife, tissues for fire starter, foil for starting fire in wet conditions, MSR compact stove, fuel refill and large portable fuel bottle.
Shelter: *Duct tape, zip ties, 6 space blankets, bungies, blue tarp, emergency poncho, *bivy cover, *platatac sleeping pad, hammock, sleeping bag (probably going to buy the 30 dollar suisse sport on amazon as my summer and emergency bag), rope, and several dry sacks.

Food: *Wise company 3.8 lbs 60 serving bucket carried separate with extra toilet paper in military duffle, In pack: honey roasted peanuts, animal pak vitamins, Starkist tuna pouches (good through 2017), wal mart vitamin/electrolyte drink power, 2x 15ft picture hanging wire for trapping, fishing kit inside empty pill bottle, net, meat bag, other hunting stuff. Camping mess kit and dollar camping spoon and fork.

Medical: Two med kits. Attached to outside of kit: IFAK with trauma treatment materials and meds, extra tourniquet (first one attached with quick release onto molle webbing), portable bottle with betadine antiseptic solution, butterfly stitches, heavy duty scissors, ect. Inside kit: medication supplies, cold/flu meds, allergy meds, neosporin, lightweight hygiene supplies, penicillin, doxycycline, cold pack, heat packs, small alcohol bottle, small peroxide bottle.

Signal: flashlights, head lamp, reflective tape, IR band, IR strobe with batteries, laminated 9 line medevac request form, cem light, cell phone charger on hand crank/solar power radio, and whistle.

Other: compact weapons cleaning kit, fish and stream survival knife with compass, watch with digital compass, bear grylls ultimate pro fixe, waterproof pocket guides (field dressing game, medicinal plants, edible plants, improvised trapping), leather gloves, hat, balaclava, polypro (inside dry bag), mini fishing knife, toilet paper. extra batteries, waterproof notepad, magic marker and 2 helicopter retention lanyards. Green NODs case for quick lightweight detach survival kit. More stuff I can’t remember.


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