URBAN GET HOME BAG 511 rush24 #emergency#survival

URBAN GET HOME BAG 511 rush24 #emergency#survival

My new 511 tactical rush 24 72hr get home bag
37 liters. I have this bag packed out for a worse case scenario so that me and my dog could survive any number of emergency situations or natural disaster.
Ammo for my Glock pistol is kept in my idc nanny pack that is shown.
This is not a bag I would use to fight to terrorist so please restrain yourselves in the comments!
I needed a 55 liter bag for a 72hr pack but i ordered the wrong pack so this will do for now.
I can Molly the module pouches and organizers to the outside of the pack if needed. thus making more room inside of the pack for other gear for me and my dog.
In the event of radical government or a terrorist attack I would use an assault pack with plate carrier I call the minute man man pack look out for the video on this coming this year!
this bag is for one thing and one thing only an emergency its not a war bag though id rather have it then nothing at all.

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