Urban Get Home Bag / SHTF Go Bag (Updated!)

Urban Get Home Bag / SHTF Go Bag  (Updated!)

Here is the updated SHTF Uban Get Home Bag / Go Bag video. There have been key upgrades to weight and space savings which I share with you. I have also added new capabilities and features as the get home bag has evolved over the past two years.

I am deciding to upload this now because I wanted to make sure the flurry of updates and revisions had calmed down. Although I am continuously improving this system, the changes to my urban get home bag have been very minimal for the past 6 months.

Enjoy and Sub!

~Notes on updates.
1. Carabineers to Gear ties for weight and noise reduction.
2. Lighter weight ham radio.
3. Upgraded and self contained first aid trauma kit.
4. Rope put on spool tool because one time I needed and took 10 mins to untangle.
5. Created dedicated fire kit vs. loose items. Added fire starter (trioxane).
6. Half roll vs full roll of toilet paper. Also weight savings on quarters (now keep less).
7. 4 flares to 1 small flare.
8. Upgraded tarp to all weather reflective tarp.
9. Added heavy duty long zip ties to outside.
10. General weight reduction and removed redundancies when acceptable.
11. New capabilities: stove w/ gas bottle (pocket rocket), headlamp, chemlights, improved flashlight, heavier duty plastic bags for toiletries/clothes, etc., can’t think of them all.


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