Urban Survival 2018: Fundamental

Urban Survival 2018: Fundamental

This video doesn’t do justice to the workshop, but just to give you a better idea of what we did. This is the first urban survival workshop in Singapore, probably in south-east Asia too.

The brief background story was, “Prepper Asia” contacted me and said they know and like some of the stuff I did (I assume it’s related to my tactical and survival videos) and asked me to design and organize an urban survival workshop.

Coincidentally I had already partially designed some programmes of similar usage and content, although it’s catered more towards humanitarians and/or military. Basically I tailored the programme to be family and kid friendly, but yet find a balance where some theory and understanding of urban survival is included before we jump into the fun stuff.

In other words, you know everyone, especially the kids would like to start running, jumping and doing some campfire, but you need them to sit down and understand the whole concept first. At the same time, the information and training itself would also be useful for the more serious adults or survival practitioners. This was the first challenge.

Second challenge would be unifying the relevant trainers. Technically I have every skill I needed for the programme: over the years through training and/or experience, I have acquired a high level of tactical, self defense, Parkour, bushcraft and medical skills.

There are numerous reasons why it’s a bad idea to do everything myself. Firstly as the main organizer, I need to oversee the whole workshop, secondly I may get burned out. Thirdly I would also like to use this opportunity to open up more collaboration. I know alot of talented and knowledgeable people out there, but they aren’t given a platform. Let this be their platform then.

I successfully unify this “A team”. The trainers are the best in what they do.

Again using this platform, I would also like to contribute to NGOs and give back to the society (Like some of my previous workshops). This workshop supports 2 NGOS: Ground-Up Initiative and Free Food for all.

We have 22 participants for this programme. Overall feedback is positive. Nonetheless, will continue to make improvements.

Realistically we aren’t able to cover the 101 skills to be a full prepper as this is only a 2 day programme. But we managed to cover some of the fundamental like:

Mindset of prepping
Everyday carry (EDC)
Bug out bag (BOB)
bushcraft basics (fire starting, survival bow and shelter)
Self defense using PTK system. (Unarmed and armed defense)
Tactical Parkour
Traditional archery (For both defense and hunting)

We also had a chef who did a top notch meal.

Thanks to the trainers who did this with me

Fagan Cheong of MOVE academy – Tactical Parkour
Tareesh Ismail of Superfly Tactical – PTK self defense
Glen Poh of Training by Glen – Bushcraft
Saiful – Survival first aid
Traditional archers
Ram Krish – Healthy vegetarian food for dinner

Thanks to the organizing and support team

Ibnur – Ground-up Innovation labs for development
Nicholas Lau
Stanley Poh
Jawn Looi

Workshop organized by Ashton
Curriculum by Ashton
Video produced and edited by Ashton
Music track: The End of The World by Savfk

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