Urban Survival Gear, Tactics & Knowledge for Bugging In

Urban Survival Gear, Tactics & Knowledge for Bugging In

This is the first in a 4 video set. The purpose of this video series is to discuss in detail the different types of equipment and gear that would benefit someone or a group in the Aftermath of an Apocalyptic event. This video is the introduction to this series and lays out the different types of set ups we will be discussing over the next few videos. This one doesn’t go into extreme detail about the exact gear itself, but just gives an outline of the types we will be focusing on for the next videos.
The goal of the Bug In series is to assist those who wish to prepare for bugging in for the long haul. Of course, bugging out is always a possibility and could even become a necessity. It all depends on the situation or event.
I do believe though, that having gear with the specific purpose of preparing your group or small community to begin re-establishing things such as electricity, water supplies, food, and the tools that would make these tasks actually do-able. I know this isn’t very in-depth as it is the intro video for this series.
On the Serious Survivor Channel, I try to focus on the aspects of Survival AFTER a life changing or world changing event. Survival in the initial phases of any destructive event is dictated by your reaction time, your planning before hand and the execution of this plan without any hesitation or display. But here, I focus on the things nevessary to continue surviving a]long after the event, to begin re-establishing some sort of community with the appropriate types of equipment, gear and training.
A lot of channels talk about “Bugging Out” and the gear necessary to get out of dodge when an event occurs. But what about after? What about 3 to 6 weeks or even 3 to 6 months after the initial devastation has occured. This is a kMAJOR Concern for me. I believe that initial survival is basically useless if we arent prepared to maintain ourselves for the long term. true Prepping is preparing for life AFTER an event. When life is nothing as it seems now. When people have changed and the entire structure of hiumanity has undergone dramatic transformations into soicieties that are capable of living and even thriving in an environment that may not be hospitable at first. But with the right training, knowledge and gear….a group or individual can adequatley maintain themselves and their loved ones for an indefinite time period.
I believe this type of prepping is the most important because location, reaction and initial planning will ensure survival in the beginning. But to thrive long term will require more. Unless you just want to build a small wooden shelter and live in the wilderness forever.
I focus on life after the event, when most people are NOT prepared for long term survival, when most will succumb to the elements, other people, lack of medication and thousands of other ways a person can meet their demise in an event they havent put much though into.
Thanks for watching, I hope the video helps. Take what youc an and leave the rest.
Thanks, Serious Survivor.

Thanks for Watching!!!
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There is always more that can be added, this is an introduction to the skills everyone should possess for the best chance of survival. There is always more that can be added…more shelter types, first aid techniques, self defense moves, water purification methods and food gathering and prep.

Take what you can and leave the rest.

Thanks for Watching!

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