US Army Survival Training Video: Field Crafts | Part 2

US Army Survival Training Video: Field Crafts | Part 2

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ASP Presents: US Army Survival Training Video, 3 Part Series

Field Crafts, Part 2.

This US Army training video focuses on creating field crafts while evading from the enemy and surviving in the wild. The key elements to survival are First Aid, Water, Shelter, Food, Fire, and Signaling. When surviving behind enemy lines, plan your course of actions and level your situation.

Water is highly important. Without it, your survival behind enemy lines or in the wilderness will dwindle. You cannot go without water for the most 3 days. The training video teaches how to do a Transpiration Bag, Above Ground Solar Still, Vegetation Bag, and Seep Hole.

When you have obtained water, you need to filter it to make it palatable and to remove any microbes.

A good shelter can increase your survivability time. A good shelter can strengthen your will to live. Be mindful and cautious when building shelter behind enemy lines. Building shelter will depend on your situation.

You need fire to purify water and prepare food. Fire is also used for warmth and keeping dry. Security is your first consideration using fire. In an evasion situation, fire should only be used for survival. Fire needs air, heat, and fuel to burn. Carefully prepare your area to make a fire. You need tinder, kindling, and sustaining fuel to continue a fire.

If you are moving, you need to navigate. This video will show you how to do Shadow Tip Method, Watch Method, and using the stars.

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