Winter Hiking & Melanie Shows Her Survival Skills

Winter Hiking & Melanie Shows Her Survival Skills

Melanie and I went off into the woods with out bug out bags on our backs and spent some time camping and hiking to test out some new survival gear.

We loaded up our bug out back packs with gear for cold weather hiking and camping. We also took our tent this time because it was going to be very cold.

Winter hiking means carrying a lot more gear. You need layers of clothing as well as heavier shelter or more blankets. Either way its going to be heavy.

But we managed just fine. We went off into the woods, off trail and settled down for the evening in a nice flat place.

Earlier that day two of our friends had joined us for a hike but they did not want to be seen on camera. We cooked our lunch over the Emberlit Titanium folding camp stove. Melanie made us fire because the rest of us failed to succeed using the wet wood out in the woods.

Again for dinner I let Melanie make the fire since she was so happy to try out the skills she had learned from her father growing up. She told me stories of growing up and hiking into the mountains for weeks at a time. She has some very good skills.

Melanie is the perfect match for me.

Melanie kept the fire wood supplied while I prepared our dinner on the Emberlit stove.

We had some freeze dried food from Valley Food Storage and some coffee. Coffee is always nice on a cold winter night like tonight.

After dinner we moved into the tent for a game of Dutch Blitz which is a fast paced card game. This is a lot of fun.

It got down to about 30 degrees during the night but we were quite comfortable in our tent and sleeping bags.

In the morning Melanie again got us some fire going while I packed up our gear for the tip back home to civilization.

We saw a deer in the woods not far away, just watching us. She did not seem bothered by us at all even though we were in her domain.

After Melanie cooked us some breakfast on the Emberlit folding camp stove and a little cast iron frying pan we headed back home.

We are trying out some new equipment during this trip so stay tuned for the videos and product reviews on the way.

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