WW3 Survival Guide 01

WW3 Survival Guide 01


Survive WW3 through a broken and contrite heart
I hone in on the subject of ‘Preparedness’. This is a subject that many Christians, Messianics and others here in the USA are familiar with as they see the nation morally falling apart and heading towards some sort of martial law police state during a period of national emergency. The purpose of this talk is to show that spiritual preparedness is far more essential to our survival than mere physical preparations. Of course I think that those that can prepare physically for economic collapse, natural disasters, police state & general lawlessness should do so. However all our physical preparations are of little value if we are not walking with the Lord Yeshua as we ought to.

And so it is the purpose of this presentation to emphasize our need to walk humbly before our Lord and esteem others more highly than ourselves. If we are followers of the Torah then we should also be humble like Moses and of a teachable spirit. We should be loving and kind hearted one towards another.

The Lord opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. We need to be circumspect and realize that the only way we will survive the hardships to come caused by our nation’s moral depravity is to draw close to the Lord and walk in his ways with meekness and gentleness. These are qualities increasingly rare among those that claim to follow the Lamb of God.

Our Lord will burn out the dross in our sleepy self satisfied Laodicean church age, including sleepy halfhearted Hebrew roots folks. And He will also deal with those men that push with their horns and bully his sheep with their bull headed heavy handedness. Just because we are following Torah it doesn’t mean that we wont suffer affliction. Some Messianics seem to have forgotten the purpose of suffering in a Torah obedient life. I bring some scripture verses to remind us of the role of affliction in developing Godly character. The Lord will prune us to produce good fruit. There are some messianic branches that have bad fruit and are in danger of being cut off.

And so the burden of this talk is to show how drastic the judgement that is coming is and to gird the remnant of His flock with a healthy fear of the Lord. There is so much that is coming that we can do little about. There is a great deal of carnality and spiritual poverty amongst far too many messianics who have become disconnected from the Heart of God and are quick to shoot one another down. And so the light of Torah has actually become darkness because of our lovelessness and fleshy hard heartedness towards one another.

In this talk I share the hope of the regathering of the House of Israel from within the United States of America before the tribulation. What is coming upon the world soon is a third world war, not the tribulation (which comes later). Some folks think that the USA is Babylon. But although Babylon is within America, it is not the final last days form of Babylon which according to Zechariah 5 will have a house builded for wickedness in the land of Shinar. I have heard of quite a few folks who are panicking like chickens with their head chopped off, trying to find sanctuary in some foreign land.

I share how our safety is more related to our walk with the Father than our physical location. Of course there will be some places to avoid, there will be some places in the USA where the Lord will gather his remnant because He is a covenant keeper.

Now more than ever we need to hide ourselves in Him and be sensitive to His leading and His voice in our individual lives. Safety is more a person than a place. Safety is in Messiah Himself, and walking in the Spirit and obeying His voice and commands.

One of the things that will kill many messianics is hard heartedness, pride and hating our brothers and sisters in the Lord. He who hates his brother is a murderer and no murderer has eternal life (1 John 3:15).

Even so there are messianics that are humble and do love the brethren. It has taken time for us to grasp some things in the Torah and there are still many disputes, but we need to disagree in love and realize that we will work it out in time. The House of Israel has been a long time in the dark concerning the role of Torah and the observance of the Sabbath, Feasts and Food laws. It will take time to work everything out. We need to cut each other some slack. We need to pray more and be more patient and kindly.

We need to come together as a people. Sadly we will be mince meat before our ‘New World Order’ foes if we do not begin to love one another. If we cant even love and forgive one another, then is there anything worth fighting to defend? If we want to grow our congregations, let’s love one another. That is far more powerful than any evangelism program. Let our fellowships be a refuge from the storm, a haven from a cold world, not a habitation of cruelty.



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